Setting up Webhook Integration


Through Elevators notification channels your team can subscribe to webhooks that keep you notified as Elevator is updating issues. 

Webhooks are triggered whenever Elevator for JIRA Escalates, Re-escalates, Assigns, Acknowledges or Completes and issue. These events are triggered by your JIRA users, workflow automation or background worker processes.

Webhooks will provide data about the event and let your systems react with this data.

Webhook Data

Elevator for JIRA will send a POST request to the webhook url with a JSON body of data.

The body is broken up into 4 main components:

The current state of the Elevator escalation or assignment. 
The event that triggered the change.
Basic information of the JIRA issue. 
Provides links to further action the issue where applicable.

Detailed Schema

The schema for webhook data is detailed as a standard schema

Sample Webhook Body