Setting up HipChat integration

Step by step guide

We recommend you create a specific user for Elevator for JIRA in HipChat to create the required API Key. This negates the issue of individuals who create API Tokens leaving the company and closing their HipChat accounts.

Create a new user invite in HipChat

  • Log into your HipChat web portal https://{yourcompanyname} and select Group admin on the top main menu

  • Once in Group Admin select Users form the top menu

  • Enable the Invite URL and copy the provided link
  • Paste this Invite URL in a new browser window

Create a Elevator User Profile in HipChat

Add Elevator for Jira as a user, we suggest you enter the below fields with:

  • Your Full Name: Elevator for JIRA
  • Your Email:

  • Enter a password and store this password
  • Select Sign up

Create an API Token in HipChat

  • Once signed in, go to the user profile by selecting the User Iconon the far right and select Account Settings

  • From the left hand side Account Settings menu select API Access

  • From this page enter a label and select the Scopes Send message and Send Notification and select Create

  • Copy the created Token ID

Notification Channel Setup

  • From the JIRA menu bar select the Rosters menu.

  • Return to your Notification Channels in JIRA by selecting:
  • Select HipChat as a type and enter the API URL and select CREATE


Setting up individual users to receive HipChat notifications

Setting up team rooms to receive HipChat notifications