Roster Reporting and Issue Escalation History

Step by step guide

Roster Reporting

Elevator for JIRA provides an audit record for all escalations for a roster and also calculates summary statistics including the mean time for Acknowledgment and Completion for reach roster

  • To access reporting select Elevator from the main menu


  • Select the roster name

  • The left hand menu gives you access to Roster Escalations reporting and the selected Roster schedule

Roster Escalations

  • The top bar shows the total escalations for the selected roster and the mean time to acknowledge and complete for all escalations
  • Select the sign to the left of the issue key to drop down the escalation details for each issue

Roster Schedule

  • Select the roster schedule to view the tiered assignees for the selected roster 

Issue Escalation History

  • Once an issue is Escalated the escalation details will be available to view. This will provide the historical escalation transition of the issue. To access select the View escalation details

  • Select the minus symbol to the left of the escalation status to view the historical escalation details