Product Usage Analytics / Data Security & Privacy

As a server plugin all data is retained locally on your Jira instance.  The only data that can be sent from your servers to ours is aggregated product usage statistics.  This page provides details on this usage analytics and describes how it can be disabled if you desire.

What Data is Tracked?

Elevator for JIRA will by default send product usage statistics. The metrics tracked are simple aggregated events related to the frequency of use of product features and functions, along with the SEN of your installation. We do not capture any end user information.  We also do not capture or send any information related to the contents of your Jira issues.

Why is this Data Tracked and How Is the Data Used?

These statistics are captured to help us better understand how customers are using the product and to plan future enhancements.

We will never disclose or sell your usage data to any third party. We may report on metrics in aggregate across all customers - such as the total number of customers - but in doing this we will never disclose specific product usage information for any customer.

Where is the Data and How is it Secured

We use Segment and Google BigQuery to track and store analytics data.   All data is transmitted securely over industry standard SSL / HTTPS, is encrypted at ret, and the data is stored in the United States.

Access to the data is restricted to only the staff that require it.

How Can I Opt Out?

If you would like to opt out of sending product analytics you can do so by setting the system property on JIRA startup. Details of how to do this vary depending on your operating system and method for starting JIRA, details for doing so are documented in Setting Properties and Options on Startup